New Beginning(ish)

Trigger warning for discussions of rape culture, sexual violence, and sexual harassment below.

I feel pretty lazy right now, as my last blog post was from the beginning of July and I totally planned to write about the interesting things that I did during the summer (like visiting Berlin, going to the UK Feminista summer school in Birmingham with Ananya, etc) but... I just completely neglected to write about them when I actually had time and university takes up so much of my time these days.

Anyway, that's mostly why I've decided to start writing on here again! People who have been reading this since back in the day (like, all four of you) will notice that I've got rid of a few old posts and edited the ones I've left. I guess something that held me back from writing on here was that it felt like a relic of when I was literally just getting into feminism. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that, but I feel a lot better having a new beginning(ish). 

I am also trying to be a lot more active at university, which is why I've written a piece at Varsity about the misogyny that's targeted at students from women's colleges(trigger warning for sexual harassment below, and in the actual article too):
People expect you to be ashamed and feel inadequate for going to a modern women’s college because it’s so different to a lot of the older, central colleges, and seem surprised to find out that I actually love the supportive vibe of the college.  
Regardless of whether you think that women’s colleges ought to still exist, the fact is that they currently do exist and there are no plans to change that any time soon. 
Women’s colleges at this university have a rich and important tradition, and the students that attend them are a diverse group of students who deserve to be acknowledged as the interesting young women that they are, instead of being labelled with sexist stereotypes that reduce us to our sexual availability to men.
And I mean, I really do love Medwards. Instead of stuffy old portraits of dudes from the 17th century, we have weird abstract modern art on our walls! We have a supportive and encouraging atmosphere instead of a stifling one, and we have an important legacy of educating women that's SO crucial in the university. Misogyny, Medwards and me is on the website and in print now. (Exciting, right?)

(Again, trigger warning for rape culture and sexual violence below, and in the links.) My friend Jinan wrote a piece for Guardian Students about rape culture at university which you've probably all read by now, and there's an important open letter on rape culture that's been published in Varsity today as well. Definitely check it out!

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  1. I hope this doesn't come across as weird, but I just wanted to comment and say how fantastic your blog is. You write so well, and re-articulate much of what I've tried to convey on my own one in a much more admirable and articulate manner. We are pretty much of the same age and viewpoint on the world, which is pretty refreshing to see considering how ridiculous it can be sometimes.

    PLEASE keep writing...and, yeah, like I said, I hope you don't find this weird or invasive.
    Libby, fellow 'angry young feminist' and 18-year-old x